Eva of Biloxi, a novel #newbook


Eva Davenport is missing, but no one is looking for her- because someone’s already taken her place.  

Considered to be the best Watcher at Central, Yara Waters is on course to take the place of the Architect, the head of Central, a counterintelligence agency. The problem? Yara has lost her memory. Waking up in Biloxi, Mississippi with a head injury Yara is lost. When she becomes the victim in an attempted robbery she is surprised when her rescuers call her by another woman’s name. 


Set-in small-town Biloxi, Mississippi, Eva of Biloxi is a suspense thriller in the vein of Gone Girl, The Bourne Identity and Long Kiss Goodnight. In order to complete her mission Yara must become Eva, the prodigal daughter of a prominent African American family, and the reality TV bad girl voted the girl America most loved to hate. Unable to leave Biloxi until she’s completed her mission, Yara is trapped, until she can remember her purpose. The fact that Eva is a famous reality TV star only adds to Yara’s dilemma because it makes it impossible to hide in the small town. Yara must use all of her skills in order to learn what Eva has to do with her mission knowing if she fails, it could cost her everything, including her life.


***Coming to Amazon, B&N Aug 31, 2022


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