Growing Up In The South…. #prettybaby

Growing up in the South a lot of folks are taught at a young age not to put their business out in the street. When I saw Drew Barrymore speaking with such vulnerability about not just her childhood but Brooke Shields’ childhood and their feelings growing up in Hollywood I thought about this. Their story, I think, is a relatable story. Maybe not as public, but I think every young girl comes to a point in their lives when the behavior of those around her crosses from innocence to inappropriate and sometimes turns violent. I watched them share their experiences and it brought back an old memory.

Drew brought up the Me Too movement and how there were many sketch moments she’d experienced in her youth. Brooke agreed saying she was made to feel culpable which kept her silent. It made me think of this movie I saw when I was very young, Smooth Talk, that felt sketch at the time but also very real. It was about a teenage girl who catches the eye of a much older man as she’s becoming more aware of herself. Unfortunately, the man refuses to leave her alone even when her young age is revealed.

I think a lot of young girls unfortunately experience similar situations as in Smooth Talk, but for so long movies like this were romanticized instead of portrayed as what they were- assault. Unfortunately, it’s not until several years later as grown women looking back they are able to finally process it for what it was, like it seems Drew and Brooke are now doing publicly about their lives. I say we need more of this. It can’t change the past but at least young girls in the future won’t feel like they have to deal with the same thing silently. It’s the silence that can kill you.


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