Her Purpose Excerpt #shortstory #ad

“Did you get it done?” he said.

“I got there but the manager blew me off,” I lied knowing in a second it wouldn’t even matter, “but I got something even better.”

“How did you screw this up, Tasha. I had everything lined up for you,” he said exhaling loudly. “All you had to do was show up. I could have done the rest.”

“You’re not hearing me. Listen, I have something better,” I said smiling, knowing that all would be forgiven. “I have video.”

“Video? What the hell would you need video for? Did you forget we’re a paper not TV,” there was a rustling on the line like he was shuffling papers.

“Hey, hey, can you just be quiet for a second,” I shouted above the noise. “Listen! Are you listening?” I heard the scraping of a chair then there was silence.

“Okay, I got you on speaker,” he said. “Speak.”

“I was in the kitchen waiting for the manager, and I got an amazing idea for another story.”

“You don’t create stories, I do. And I don’t take pitches.”

“I know, I know,” I said rolling my eyes. “But this is different, you’re going to want to hear this. Everyone on campus is going to want to hear about this. At least everyone who eats in the cafeteria.”

“What the hell are you talking about, Tasha?”

“It’s about the coleslaw,” I said breathless. I heard a click on the phone then the echo disappeared. Kenyon had taken me off speaker.


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